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Volume 23 (2009)
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This volume contains new poetry by Edwidge Danticat and an interview with Kamau Brathwaite by Opal Palmer Adisa.

The volume is dedicated to Professor Marvin E. Williams, who served as the editor of Volumes 17 to 22.

A Tribute to Aimé Césaire, the influential Martinican poet is another special feature. Articles by French Caribbean scholars Martin Munro, Colin Dayan and Michael Dash, along with blogs by Jennifer Brea and writer Geoffrey Philp are included.

As in past issues, the volume also showcases a unique blend of poetry, short fiction, and personal essays, including works by Thomas Reiter, Delores Gauntlett, Verna E. George, Guy Stiles, Lelawatee Manoo-Rahming, Berkley Wendell Semple, Arthur V. Scott, Laurence Lieberman and others.

Twenty book reviews by an international gathering of critics and authors are also included. Reviewers include Laurence Breiner, Kwame Dawes, Alison Donnell, Elaine Savory, Gail Low, Sandra Pouchet Paquet, and Clement A. White among others.

The Caribbean Writer regularly highlights art by Virgin Islanders, and this year’s cover displays work by Isabelle Picard from St. Croix. Other artists include Hilda Lewis Joyce, Ziya Neema and Lloyd A. Jarvis.

The volume is guest-edited by Erika J. Waters, founding editor.


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