The Caribbean Writer

VOLUME 14 • 2000

Volume 14 • 2000


This journal is also available online at the Digital Library of the Caribbean.

Please note that if you are located in any of the following countries, a US Postal Service moratorium – effective July 31 until further notice – will preclude the receipt of your copy of the TCW journal. They are Azerbaijan, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Dominica, French Guiana, Guyana, South Africa and Turks & Caicos, among others. Kindly refer to for the full list of affected countries.

We conduct weekly checks at the local post office for any changes in status. We assure you that as soon as USPS resumes acceptance of items destined for the above-named countries, we will send your copy along. In the meantime, you may obtain the e-Copy of the journal.






Amen , Cecil Gray

gods and spirits are summoned through the portal divine , Ian Gregory Strachan

Ode to Crazy Angie , Christian A. Campbell

Poem For a Sister , Helen Klonaris

Not Leaving , Delores McAnuff-Gauntlett

One Easter Day , Delores McAnuff-Gauntlett

A Minute Silence , Howard A. Fergus

The Leatherback Turtle Lays its Eggs , Patricia Gill

Palms , Cecil Gray

Keyboard , Cecil Gray

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