The Caribbean Writer

Flame Tree Time

Author: Elaine Savory


If you are buried under a flamboyant
, I said, your soul is lifted up


when it flowers. Everyone wants that.


Jean Rhys


that vivacious red
just like the lights and shades of active fires
& green
putting the other trees to shame
in these warm wet months
brings me
my love of the island


because when i see
flame tree blossoms
i see spirit:
how to persist
how to rise vivid
out of a dry land
& a severe beginning


they give
the rare touch
of love which has broken stones
of hardship
& come through


flame trees
are death reversed:
they stun your eyes
on those blue days
when the sea already makes you spin


they have the warmth
of people of dignified survival
those of the fight
& powerful emotion
who rise
within these speaking wreaths
and reach again


tell me
who can know flame trees
& not grow more brave?


Copyright © Elaine Savory

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