The Caribbean Writer

Accepting Submissions for Volume 34


Theme: Musings and Metaphors: Revolution, Evolution and Devolution (READ)


The Caribbean Writer is seeking works that explore the defining moments of the Caribbean experience, particularly in the way the experiences represent themselves in our musings and metaphors. We hope to explore Caribbean life in the broad sense of our 2019 theme: Dredging thoughts that reflect the resilience and resourcefulness of Caribbean people as well as the implications of certain events that shape the notion of the contemporary Caribbean.


The experiences of Caribbean people wherever they live remain a source for very profound musings. There is no question that some of the particulars of the world as we know it and as many of us hope for it to be or become has shifted, evolved and, in some cases, devolved melting spaces that threaten some of our basic understandings – even our identity and way of life.


The sense of continuum or progressions within government, national boundaries, communities, relationships, family, childhood has undergone some revisions and so metaphors abound. The world has changed; some might call these changes progress, others might prefer the term evolution; yet, others might even say that some of those changes suggest a type of devolution. Our tendency to place things into bite-size portions and categories to facilitate understanding leads to the way we create the metaphors as we muse about these times in relation to other times and in the way the Caribbean experience resonates in regional and diasporic spaces. What a better way to do this than in the poetry, prose, essays, book reviews and plays featured in The Caribbean Writer.



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  • Manna Reji

    Previous articles are nice

  • Cyril Dabydeen

    Excellent–so well written!


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