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Accepting Submissions for Volume 34


Theme: Dignity, Power and Place in the Caribbean Space


The Caribbean Writer (TCW) announces a call for submissions for Volume 34 under the 2020 theme: “Dignity, Power and Place in the Caribbean Space.” Submissions that explore the ideas resonating from these concepts as they affect the region, its inhabitants and its diaspora are desired. “Through this theme, we are attempting to focus on the multi-layered views, experiences and ideas inherent in the concepts of dignity, power and place,” TCW editor Alscess Lewis Brown said.


Deepening her exposition on the theme, Lewis Brown said: “Often the pivot point of much of our personal, ethnographic, historical, economic and geographic concerns is hinged on some aspect of dignity. To provide a few examples: The mother and daughter motif in the best sense suggests a special balance of dignity, in the worst sense it might be unbalanced in ways that challenges a writer to explore it. Just so it is with the father-son motif, or the citizen and nation dynamic; the supervisor and employee or the captive and captor power model in the many possible regional or diasporic permutations. An even more potent idea that strikes a chord within this thematic concept is the government and the people as well religion and its implications. Further, the immigrant and the refugee or child space and adult space coupled with the land and its resources is an area that could be rich for mining. The ocean and its bounty is often a power place as well. So too, the underpinnings of technology and its universe –whether this be dystopian or realistic — are aspects of this theme “Dignity, Power and Place in the Caribbean Space,” she said.


And finally,” in whatever algorithms of dignity we explore, “power” from century to century is always a prime protagonist. “Power,” whether it’s the love of it, the need of it, the abuse of it, the search for it, finds its truths within the embrace of dignity. The concept “Place” on any imaginable level— our personal space, our place in a home, on a street corner, on a job, in our community, in a nation. Place, ours by birth, our own creation or adoption has powerful implications. The historic and modern day resonance of “Place” is an ongoing Caribbean dialectic.


The Caribbean Writer now invites submissions that explore these themes in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays or one act plays.” The journal is an international, refereed literary repository, published by the University of the Virgin Islands. For more information, contact TCW offices at (340) 692-4122 or 692-4152 or via email at

Submission Guidelines


The Caribbean Writer is an international literary refereed journal with a Caribbean focus. The Caribbean should be central to the work, or the work should reflect a Caribbean heritage, experience or perspective.


Submit poems, short stories, personal essays and one-act plays. Maximum length (for short stories and personal essays) is 3500 words or 10 pages. Only previously unpublished work will be accepted. (If self-published, give details.)


Follow this procedure for submissions: Put name, address, and title of submission on separate sheet. Title only on submission. All submissions should be on a separate sheet. MLA documentation style is preferred. Include brief biographical information and mention previous publications and Caribbean connection, if any. Type (double-spaced) all manuscripts.


» Show prizes

All submissions are eligible for the following prizes:

  • The Canute A. Brodhurst Prize
    An annual prize of $400 is awarded to a writer for best short fiction.
  • The Daily News Prize
    An annual prize of $500 is awarded to a resident of the US Virgin Islands or the British Virgin Islands.
  • The Marvin E. Williams Literary Prize
    An annual prize of $500 is awarded to a new or emerging writer. This prize is donated by Marvin’s widow, Dasil Williams, in honor of her late husband who served as the editor of The Caribbean Writer from 2003 – 2008.
  • The Cecile deJongh Literary Prize
    An annual prize of $500 is awarded to a Caribbean author whose work best expresses the spirit of the Caribbean. This prize is donated by former Governor John P. de Jongh, Jr. in honor of Cecile de Jongh’s abiding commitment to literacy in the territory especially among the young people of the Virgin Islands.
  • The Vincent Cooper Literary Prize
    An annual prize of $300 is awarded to a Caribbean author for exemplary writing in Caribbean Nation Language (Kamau Brathwaite). This prize is donated by Professor Vincent Cooper, PhD.
  • The Boyce Literary Prize of $500  to a Caribbean author whose work best expresses the changing social dynamics of regional life.

» Hide prizes


Book Reviews

Persons interested in reviewing books should contact the editor indicating areas of expertise. Include sample reviews if possible.

Submissions shall be in Word or RTF files. Submission deadline is December 31, 2019. Please submit your entries using the form below.


Artwork Submissions


The Caribbean Writer is also soliciting colorful, eye-catching, Caribbean artwork for the cover of Volume 34 as well.


Artists who want their artwork to be considered for use should submit electronic files in vertical format as TIF or JPEG files with a resolution of 300 dpi or greater.


Black and white art (line drawings, sketches, block prints, etc.) is also needed for use inside the 300-page publication. Vertical format is also preferred for these submissions, in TIF or JPEG format with resolution of 300 dpi or greater.


Please include all necessary contact information and a brief biographical note with art submissions through the form below. The deadline for artwork submission is December 31, 2019.


For more information, please email

Comments (13)

  • Manna Reji

    Previous articles are nice

  • Cyril Dabydeen

    Excellent–so well written!

  • Liesbeth Tjon A Meeuw

    When exactly is the deadline for short stories & personal essays? Is that also on the last day of the year?

    • TCW

      The deadline for all submissions is Dec 31 every year. The window is open from January 1. The accepted work is then published the following year. We are now accepting submissions for vol 34…2020. Vol 33 will be published by end of 3rd quarter (September 2019).
      Hope this helps.

      • Thank you for your quick respond and yes this helps a lot. One more question, how many writings is one person allowed to submit in a year? Is there a maximum?

        Greetings, Liesbeth

        • TCW

          No more than 5 entries. The submissions may derive from a single or various genres.

  • Sara

    When will the new issue (33) be available for purchase?

    • TCW

      Thanks for your inquiry! September 2019. We’ll post the link for orders as soon as it is published.

  • Fabrice

    Do TCW are accepting only text in English?

    Can I sent a text in other languages such as french or spanish ?

    • Tcw

      Thanks for your query. No, we do not accept text in any other language. We will accept translated text, however , which should include the name and credentials of the translator and information of the text’s genesis .

  • Natalie

    When will the prize winners from Volume 33 be announced?

    • TCW

      In the new year (2020), Natalie.
      Thanks for the enquiry.

  • The Caribbean Writer

    In answer to the telephone queries: “When does volume 34 come out?” …
    Expect it in April 2020. We know! We too brim with anticipation every year until the latest edition is in hand. But we must wait for the submission window to close on December 31 (of each year). So, those of you who were notified earlier in the year that your submission has been accepted, hold on!! It’s coming.

    All good wishes.


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