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Vol 34 Delivery Delay

Volume 34 COVID19 Advisory

Dear Friends and Contributors,


The wait is almost over and thanks so much for your patience. We are pleased to inform you that —barring further misfortunes — the much-anticipated volume 34 will be available shortly.  As of July 7, the digital version can be subscribed to/viewed at while mailings for the printed version (including complimentary copies) will begin on or about July 16 and will be mailed out in the sequence in which the orders were received.


Incidentally, we hope that you will join us at the upcoming variety webinar on Sunday, July 19, 2020 from 11 am to 5 pm under the theme “Interrogating the past, Re-imagining the Future.”


The six- hour literary engagement will feature conversations and mini –workshops with prominent and colorful Caribbean personalities, writers and authors.


Most importantly, though, you’ll have the opportunity as a TCW contributor to engage in a 5-minute reading/presentation of one of your pieces published in any of the journal’s 34 volumes.


It’s all in the spirit of amity and our abiding love of Caribbean literature.


We’ll post the sign up link soon.


In the meantime, please know that we appreciate your continuing interest in The Caribbean Writer, the diaspora’s literary legacy, and look forward to many happy editions together.


Alscess Lewis Brown

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  • Cyril Dabydeen

    Good health to everyone in view of the corona-virus affecting all our lives!

    • Alscess Lewisbrown

      Thank you Cyril. We are hanging in there. I hope you and your family are tucked in and safe. Volume 35 — the next Volume (2021) will be dedicated to Kamau Brathwaite. We invite your submission and ask that you pass the word among the Caribbean literati.

      Warmest regards.

  • I’m hoping everyone is holding up, staying well. I am about to submit two poems. I read about your contributors and editors and will be anxious to hear your response. Thank you.


    Linda Williamson Nelson,
    Emerita Professor, Anthropology andAfricana Studies
    Stockton University, Absecon, New Jersey

  • Alscess Lewisbrown

    Good day.

    Our theme for Volume 35 is:”Diasporic Rythms: Interrogating the Past, Imagining a Future”. Submission deadline: December 31,2020.
    We invite your submission. Also we are requesting submissions that will help us to celebrate the work of our esteemed editorial advisory board member. Edward Kamau Brathwaite. Please stay safe !
    Warmest regards.

  • S.D. Brown

    Indeed the pandemic has put our lives of hold but we have to keep the faith. I am looking forward to the issue on Edward Kamau Brathwaite. I fell in love with one of his poems in school called “Timbuctu.” I regretted having not met him when he was scheduled to read at the 92nd Street Y in New York City years ago. He fell ill and could not keep the appointment. As soon as it’s safe to make the journey to Mali, I will go there in remembrance of my “Edward” Brathwaite.

    Best wishes,
    S.D. Brown–short story writer

  • Alscess Lewisbrown

    Thank you so much for sharing that. I hope you will submit a piece in this edition. I hope you are also being safe.

  • Jesus Francisco Sierra

    Wishing everyone good health, physical, emotional and psychological as we face these unprecedented, yet necessary times. Anxiously awaiting copies of Volume 34. The theme for volume 35 is timely, looking forward to that one as well.

    Be well all,

    Jesus Francisco Sierra

  • Bethaney Lee

    Good day! It’s exciting to hear about the webinar. Thank you for providing the update, I’ll keep an eye out for the link. Can’t wait to hold a hard copy of this volume in my hand.


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