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TCW Vol 36 Front Cover

Volume 36 • 2022

Volume 36 • 2022


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Disruptions, Disguises & Illuminations



In these past years, so much of what we have taken for granted is now in doubt and our sense of reality has shifted such that as new meanings unfold with often old circumstances, they augur a dystopian world that conveys the sense that we are characters in one grotesque drama. As plots and subplots unfurl, they appear to escape resolution; however, writers in the Caribbean diaspora, recognize, “disruptions, disguises and illuminations, “ hence this is the premise for The Caribbean Writer’s (TCW) 2021 theme. Each selection in this volume, unwittingly assembles a range of thematic connections. Some pieces, not only explore but also confront disruptions arising out of the issues of one moment or another. Some peel back disguises or reconcile them while others offer illuminations and new insights.

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