Opal Palmer Adisa Mangy dog  mingle wid pot-belly  picknies; leaves sail  in open gutters Human

Toodesh Ramesar   I woke up. It was raining. The cocks

Willi Chen   November winds bluster in rage round the corner of

Opal Palmer Adisa   her stockinet legs rest in the sand palms are

Opal Palmer Adisa   she moved slowly not because she couldn't walk

Cecil Gray   You forgot how the heat wets your chin

Delores McAnuff-Gauntlett   A time has come: the clock face pointing

Ian Gregory Strachan for Gus and Vola kadak doong doong kadak doong

Cecil Gray   In memory of John Figueroa I had reached to

Christian A. Campbell     I vex and I can   Copyright © Christian

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