Volume 15 • 2001


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This issue celebrates the anthology’s 15th anniversary with a brief history by editor Erika J. Waters and congratulatory comments from contributors, university administrators, and advisory board members.

The volume also contains an important interview with Errol Hill, “Caribbean Theatre Pioneer” and a special section of new poems by Opal Palmer Adisa. Novelist and poet Edwidge Danticat translated poems by Haitian writer Rodney Saint-Éloi.

Poets published in volume 15 include Willi Chen, Howard A. Fergus, Delores Gauntlett, Cecil Gray, Laurence Lieberman, Mbala, Jennifer Rahim, Thomas Reiter and Virgil Suarez. Short fiction selections include work by Cyril Dabydeen, Maria Lemus and Marvin E. Williams.

Book reviews are by noted critics Bruce King, Geoffrey Philp, Kwame Dawes, June D. Bobb, Arnold R. Highfield, Louis James, Eugene V. Mohr, Evelyn O’Callaghan, Bruce Berlind, Brenda F. Berrian, Sandra Pouchet Paquet, and J. Michael Dash, among others.

An index of volumes 11-15 is also included.




Hopping Rooftops Havana, Cuba, Circa 1968 , Virgil Su

For My Uncle Who Wept Every Time He Sliced a Papaya in Half , Virgil Su

Self-Interview in the Hibiscus Garden with Coffee & Bagels , Virgil Su

Haircut, Havana, Circa 1969 , Virgil Su

Tall Man Gan , Gabrielle DiLorenzo

Rushing to Taste the Water , Norman Minnick

Sufi Meditation: the Arcades of Saint Croix , Patricia Gill

Death of King Sugar , Winston Farrell

Caribbean Man , Winston Farrell

man-tree , Petamber Persaud

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