Volume 16 • 2002





Trinidadian writer V. S. Naipaul’s Nobel Prize is celebrated in a special section in Volume 16 of The Caribbean Writer. Celebrated critics such as Homi K. Bhabha, Paula Burnett, Selwyn Cudjoe and Bruce King among others offer their responses to this award.

Never before published art work by noted Virgin Islander J. Antonio Jarvis, writer and educator is also featured. Besides translations from Cuban poet Nancy Morejon, poetry selections include work by Opal Palmer Adisa, Gabriel DiLorenzo, Howard A. Fergus, Deverita Carty Sturdivant, Ian McDonald, Cecil Gray, Laurence Lieberman, Shaun A. Pennington, Carrol B. Fleming, Marvin E. Williams, Thomas Reiter, and Virgil Suarez.

A play, the second by Cecil “A”Blazer Williams, entitled, “I Don’t Want to Bathe,” is also included. Short fiction selections include work by Joanne Hyppolite, Authur Scott, Melissa Lugo and Julie Babcock while the personal essays section features work by Katia Ulysse, Alexandra Migoya and Derick O. Steinmann.

Book reviews are by noted critics Bruce King, Geoffrey Philp, Elaine Savory, Robert D. Hamner, Roland B. Scott, H. Nigel Thomas, Maud Pierre-Charles, June D. Bobb, and J. Michael Dash, among others.




Dedication , Anonymous
Note from the editor:
, Erika J. Waters


Erika’s Leaving , Marvin E. Williams
Son Cubano , Virgil Su
The Papel de Ba , Virgil Su
Moda Young Gal , Opal Palmer Adisa
Lima , Opal Palmer Adisa
Careenage , Cecil Gray
Cheups , Christian A. Campbell
The Gap , Berkley Wendell Semple

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