Volume 18 • 2004


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This edition of The Caribbean Writer includes a wide selection of new poetry, short fiction and personal essays by such writers as Virgil Suarez, Thomas Reiter, Garfield Ellis, and Kei Miller, Cecil Gray, Fred D’Aguiar, Geoffrey Philp, Rohan Preston to name a few, as well as book reviews by an international gathering of critics and intellectuals.

Of special interest in this particular volume are two special sections: one on the renowned Haitian writer Edwidge Danticat and the other on two cultural icons from the U.S. Virgin Islands: the semi-mythical Butty and the influential artist Charles Abramson.

The special section dedicated to Danticat includes two short stories by Danticat herself, essays about issues raised in some of her past novels, along with a an interview with Danticat about her latest novel The Dew Breaker.

“Hers is a voice that continues to demand the world’s attention,” The Caribbean Writer editor Marvin Williams said of Danticat.

In the Virgin Islands special section, Clement White examines the gradual loss of the “West Indianness” in people of the territory that is visible in the decline of local folklore in his essay titled “Wey’ Pa Butty Dem.”




The Rhythm of it All , Sue William Silverman

Island , Mary Kate Azcuy

Havana Morning , James Plath

Keeper of the Bells , Toodesh Ramesar

The Hardest Love Poem , Lauren K. Alleyne

The Twelve Foot Neon Woman on Top of Marla’s Exotik Pleasure Palace Speaks of Papayas, Hurricanes, and

Wakes , Loretta Collins

Different Moons , Susan Broili

Ode to Fruits , Cassandra Ward-Shah

Land & Home , Berkley Wendell Semple

A Man Gone , William Hudson

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