The Caribbean Writer

A Measure of Age

Opal Palmer Adisa


she moved slowly
not because she couldn’t walk fast
but she had lived long enough
to know no matter the
speed of the river
it will meet the sea

that was her constant comment
everything in its own time
and no matter how often
i ask how come
she would merely shake her head and smile

i had to slow down when i was with her
i learned to measure the passing of time
saw it move on its own legs
my grandmother was a study in patience
she allowed no one
to ruffle her calm
and told me to stay away
from people who were always in haste
they are running from themselves
she would caution
pointing to the even-paced rhythm of nature
she taught me how to study things
slowly with care
how to detect and relish
the beauty in all

my grandmother made me want to sprint
to become her

she made aging a timeless thing
of immense beauty

but i know
i too will experience
a measure of time


Copyright © Opal Palmer Adisa

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